Microswitches are mechanically operated electrical switches designed with an actuator and terminals called common, normally open and normally closed. Power is typically attached to the common terminal, this leads into the switch and energises the spring and because the spring is touching the normally close pin it sends power out here, this is called a resting state. Once the arm is moved the power is then transferred to the normally open pin. There are various actuator types available but the operating principles are the same, switches are actuated by a plunger, a button, a roller or a lever. Microswitches are used in consumer devices and industrial equipment. Common application for these devices are in door interlocks, microwave ovens or where a door has to be shut before the power to the device will turn on. Microswitches are also used in levelling devices, such as those used on vending machines. In an elevator, these devices are used in the door as a safety switch.

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