Giovenzana, leader in the industrial technology field, is the first choice for:

Handling equipment


Lifting equipment


Development, design and production are combined to reach a common goal and cover most industrial applications.


The solutions offered by Giovenzana result from the company’s extensive knowledge of the requirements of industrial electrical accessories, and are in line with all relevant international standards. The solutions fall into three main sectors: industrial automation, lift and lifting equipment.


Automation includes Phoenix cam switches from 12 to 630 A and Regolus switch disconnectors from 25 to 160 A; Pegasus control auxiliaries with screw or spring cage terminal contacts blocks; limit switches with safety switches and either die cast or moulded casing; foot switches and micro switches.


Throughout the years, continuous technological research and development has made Giovenzana the undisputed leader in its field. The range includes:

pit bottom push button stations

recall drive control units

inspection boxes


Lifting equipment comprises of single and double row pendant stations up to 14 gang for control and direct switching, position and rotary gear limit switches, slip rings, warning horns, busbar conductor rails and festoon system.

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