EnOcean radio technology

It’s a flexible radio solution that communicates without interference on the 868 MHz frequency. This protocol allows wireless home automation modules but also without batteries, thanks to solar cells or piezoelectric mechanisms. The main methods of energy harvesting are as follows: Photovoltaic: Small cell harvests solar energy and stores it in a small buffer battery. Magneto-resistive: Mechanical principle which is sufficient to produce the necessary energy. Thermodynamics: A difference in temperature to produce energy. Since sensors only provide very small amounts of energy, it is necessary to store it over time while the system is idle and consuming very little energy. The latest EnOcean wireless generation requires only 100 nanoamps (nA) or less at rest… The secret lies in the duration of the radio telegram signal, the whole process is started and executed in just one thousandth of a second. The telegram is extremely short (about 1 ms) to avoid the risk of collision in the case of a large number of EnOcean sensors operating in the same system.

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